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7 Ways to Stop Workplace Drama

Negativity is the number one productivity problem in the workplace. Signs of negativity include backstabbing, gossiping, power struggles and lack of teamwork. The end result is absenteeism, low morale and turnover. Here are seven tips for improving workplace relationships and reducing negativity.

Want to run your office with no complaints, no excuses and no regrets? Join Marlene Chism, founder of "Stop Your Drama" as she gives you the inside scoop on why negativity and drama is the number one productivity killer. This audio presentation offers seven practical steps to improve morale and reduce negativity and stress in the workplace.

What if you had the exact communication tools and mindset to make positive change happen and eliminate the relationship drama in the workplace? This content-rich program provides practical, actionable skills and the universal principles behind them that you can use to improve communication and relationships at work, so you can break free from the drama. Get back to the work that really matters.

Beside wasting time, negative attitudes spread like a virus and eventually lead to increased absenteeism, low morale and can even contribute to physical symptoms like headaches or more serious illness. This content rich report based on research illustrates research is being done how “Drama” impacts productivity and contributes to illness producing stress in the workplace. Includes 7 practical steps you can implement immediately. Includes 20 page special report.

Topics Include:

  • Negativity...the number one productivity problem
  • Why there is so much stress
  • The hidden payoffs
  • Ways that we unconsciously avoid mastering our energy
  • Three common myths about stress and productivity
  • Five facts about negativity
  • How negativity impacts productivity and health
  • Seven practical solutions to stop drama and reduce stress

Learning Objectives:

  • Implement seven practical steps to increase morale.
  • Reduce negativity in the workplace.
  • Build a collaborative workplace.

Presented By:

Marlene Chism is a speaker, author and founder of The Stop Your Drama Methodology an eight-part empowerment process to increase clarity and improve productivity and personal effectiveness. Marlene combines universal principles with sound business practices to bridge the inner and outer game of success. Marlene has a masters degree in HR Development from Webster University and she is the author of Success is a Given: Reading the Signs While Reinventing Your Life.

Marlene Chism, president of ICARE, is a “clarity consultant,” and the founder of the life-changing Stop Your Drama (SYD) Signature Process. Marlene defines drama as "any obstacle to your peace and prosperity." No matter how you define success, we each harbor personal barriers to success. Often, it takes an expert to see what holds us back.

Who would benefit from this program?

  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Executives

Price: $175.00