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5 Traits of Authentic Drama-Free Leaders

Are you ready to eliminate the negativity and neutralize the time wasters at work? Are you literally sick and tired of the revolving door of complainers? Have you run out of options to get everyone to work together? Do you find yourself leaving work exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated? Drama in the workplace drains your energy, impacts your personal effectiveness and overall sense of well-being. An interesting tidbit: Did you know that recalling an angry experience for just five minutes can suppress the immune system for up to six hours?

It doesn't have to be this difficult. The first step to change is to recognize the symptoms!

Do you experience any of these problems?

  • No one takes accountability
  • Your highest performer is a drama queen
  • People constantly drop in your office to tattle
  • You feel more like a babysitter than a manager
  • You keep getting caught in the middle playing peace maker
  • Employees waste time in gossip and meaningless distractions
  • Policies are not respected or enforced
  • You inherited a low-level performer that's impacting your team productivity
  • You avoid difficult conversations because you fear losing control

What is an Authentic Drama-Free Leader?
With so much of your success hinging on the relationships of your employees and managers, what does it take to go from being a mere “manager” to being an authentic, drama-free leader? How do you strike the right balance of managing, leading, and interacting with your colleagues and employees—without getting sucked into and contributing to drama?

The person to answer that question is Marlene Chism, author of the award-winning book Stop Workplace Drama. Her signature 8-principle “Stop Your Drama Methodology” can help you and the leaders in your organization break the recurring cycle of drama in your office—and breaking that cycle can lead to:

  • Better communication
  • Better business relationships
  • More time spent working and less time spent on drama
  • Higher productivity and personal effectiveness
  • More collaboration and engagement

Learning Objectives

  • How to use the Karpman Drama Triangle to identify drama patterns
  • Two subtle ways leaders fail to promote personal responsibility
  • Three reasons change is difficult
  • What the authentic leader can do to facilitate change and keep employees engaged
  • A big red flag in enforcing a policy that tells you when you should get rid of that policy
  • The one question you can ask to shift negativity and complaining

Presented By:

Marlene Chism is a speaker, author and founder of The Stop Your Drama Methodology an eight-part empowerment process to increase clarity and improve productivity and personal effectiveness. Marlene combines universal principles with sound business practices to bridge the inner and outer game of success. Marlene has a masters degree in HR Development from Webster University and she is the author of Success is a Given: Reading the Signs While Reinventing Your Life.

Marlene Chism, president of ICARE, is a “clarity consultant,” and the founder of the life-changing Stop Your Drama (SYD) Signature Process. Marlene defines drama as "any obstacle to your peace and prosperity." No matter how you define success, we each harbor personal barriers to success. Often, it takes an expert to see what holds us back.

Who would benefit from this program?

  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Executives

Price: $175.00